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Welcome to our Reception Webpage!

We would like to tell you all about Reception and the exciting things we do. We will update the website regularly to keep you informed of the exciting things we do in our school day.


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To help you assist your child with their phonics, we have attached two videos below - one shows the correct way to say each sound, and the other shows our jolly phonics songs that the children learn as part of their lessons. We are thrilled with the progress that the children are making with their sound books and we thank you for your support at home. As they begin to get reading books, we ask you to encourage them with simple words that can be sounded out, and help them with some of the trickier vocabulary that they won't yet be familiar with. Let them make up their own stories and use the picture clues to help them decipher the words. If you can sign the yellow reading record each time you hear them at home we can then change their books on a Thursday. The children are also making good use of their orange sound books and practicing writing out their sounds - this is a fabulous way to help them become independent writers!


What a fantastic start to the school year we have had in Reception! It is not always easy for children and parents/carers to start off their school journey but we are extremely proud of all involved. We now feel the children have settled in well and we will be starting to introduce some of the new systems and run forward with our topic of 'Heroes and Heroines'.

Please do not forget our 'Parent Workshop' which is scheduled at 6pm on Monday the 2nd October. We will go through some of the new systems that the children have been introduced to.


What a delightful time we have had in Reception! Our local lollipop lady came in and spoke to us about how she helps our community. Also, we enjoyed celebrating History Day with the rest of the school. To fit in with our Superheroes theme, we dressed up as someone who helps us at home...as you can see from our photos we were very imaginative! We also read the story 'Supertato' and did lots of vegetable related activities, from counting out the right number of new potatoes, to acting out the story with real vegetables. We also made our own Super vegetable characters which the children really enjoyed.