Woodheys Primary School

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Year 1- Spring Term 2017

Scroll down to see what the children in Year 1T and Year 1R have been learning.

Easter Fun!

For our final week of the spring term the children enjoyed doing lots of Easter activities! Thank you to everyone who made an Easter bonnet- they all looked amazing and it was very clear that a lot of effort had gone into every single one. 

Year 1 English- Once upon a time...

In our English lessons we have been reading Traditional Tales. First we looked at the story of Cinderella. We have been describing and comparing different characters using adjectives; acting out the story by creating freeze frames in teams; hot seating characters and writing the story on the computers using 2Simple software. This week we have been looking at the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We have described the setting of the woods and created 'Wanted' posters for the wolf. We have learnt about Safer strangers, safer buildings'.  We are going to act out the story in the school's 'Wild Area' at the end of this week. Have a look at our photo snapshots! Can you guess what we are doing?

Nature Detectives

During the second half of our spring term we have been learning all about spring time and new life. We went to our enchanting wild area to look for signs of spring and we noticed there was lots of frogspawn in our school pond. We are watching tadpoles grow in our classrooms! We have been using non-fiction books to find out facts about frogs as we had lots of questions to find answers to. We have written our own information books about frogs. When thinking about animal life cycles we wanted to learn more about butterflies too. We have explored the wild area, labyrinth and the vegetable patches to look for signs of Spring to motive our learning and creative writing! 

Year 1 Maths- We are math-magicians!

In our maths lessons we have been reinforcing our number knowledge, building on our autumn term learning about place value and addition/subtraction. We have learnt about position, direction and movement using the Bee-Bot. We even used the Bee Bot app on our mini iPads. We have learnt about fractions which was so much fun!! We folded shapes into halves and then cut cakes into halves and quarters. We even got to eat them!! We are also learning about division and sharing amounts equally.

In Mathematics, recently we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have had lots of fun exploring shape in the classroom. We have made our own 3D shapes from a 'net', we have used art straws and blue-tac to make our own 3D shapes, and we have looked at 3D shapes in our environment. 

Year 1 Science

In Science we have been learning about 'Materials'. We have looked at objects around our classroom and thought about the material they are made from. We have done lots of experiments and investigations which have been lots of fun! We have tested materials to see which float and sink; which are bendy or not bendy; which are waterproof and not waterproof. We have made collages using a range of different materials and we even stood in the rain to test the properties of paper! Last week we investigated which material would be best for our 'Woody Bear's umbrella. We have talked about recycling materials which is very important for our environment. Do you recycle at home?

Year 1 Art and Design

As we have been learning all about the Spring time, in our Art lessons we have been painting daffodils. We really enjoyed getting messy and experimenting with colour, different brushes and techniques. Have a look at some of our masterpieces!

Year 1 Design and Technology

In our design and technology lessons we have been learning about 'puppets'. We looked at what different types of puppets there are and what they can be made of! Firstly we began by designing our very own puppet, choosing what it will be made from, how we will make it and what it will look like. After that, we followed our designs and made our very own puppet! We really enjoyed making them and found it very exciting! Finally we evaluated our puppets, we talked about what went well and what we would do differently and change next time. We hope the children enjoy playing with their puppets at home!

Year 1 Trips, Events or Special Days

World Book Day- 2nd March 2017