Woodheys Primary School

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Year 1 Summer Term 2016-2017

Year 1T Trip to Lower Moss Wood-Tuesday 4th July 2017

Year 1R Trip to Lower Moss Wood - Friday 7th July 2017

Spanish and Art Day!

We had a fantastic day learning all about Spain! We had lots of fun getting involved in a range of different activities. We began the day with learning about Spain, where it is and their traditions. We then learnt how to count to 10 in Spanish and used our knowledge to work out some addition sums. Ines also came to our classroom to teach us all how to say different colours in Spanish. We also explored the work of a Spanish Architect called Antoni Gaudi. We looked at some of his work in Barcelona and re-created our own using small squares of paper to create a mosaic pattern. In the afternoon, Elsa the Spanish dance teacher taught us some Flamenco and Salsa moves, we had a great time! 

Multi-skills Festival 


We were invited to Ashton-on-Mersey High School for a fun morning of multi-skills activities. We really enjoyed getting active and having fun with our friends as well as developing our physical skills. Some of the activities and games we played included; parachute, tiggy scarecrow, bulldog, obstacle course, volley ball, space hoppers, duck-duck goose, boxing skills, collecting balls with a parachute, over and under and Tig. 

Please enjoy looking through the photos from the morning!



In our English lessons we have been learning about the story of The Little Red Hen. First we learnt the story and used actions to help us remember the key parts of the story. We then created a story map to help us re-tell the story and remember the key parts. We have been exploring lots of different activities to support our understanding of the story and looking at how we can improve our writing. Some of the activities are; role-play, setting description, character description and writing a book review.  


In our mathematics lessons we have been very busy! The main things we have been learning about are fractions, number bonds and number value. Please enjoy looking at the photos of us learning!


 In our topic lessons this term we have been focusing on learning all about Growing Plants. We have explored the different parts of a plant and their purpose, the parts of a plant we eat, deciduous and evergreen trees and naming different plants. We have also grown our own bean plants which are now planted in our vegetable plot in the school grounds. So we will continue to watch them grow!  

Andy Goldsworthy

We have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy. He is an artist from Scotland. He makes sculptures and other works of art out of natural materials: like wood, leaves or stones. We went into the wild area and school field to collect our materials from nature. We then came back to the classroom to create our very own piece of artwork. The children thoroughly enjoyed the lessons! 

New Arrivals!

We had a very exciting delivery in Year 1! We eagerly waited for our hen eggs to hatch and thoroughly enjoyed having them in school for the week. They have now returned back to the farm. 

Here are some images below of the children enjoying the new arrivals and finding out lots of new information about the hen eggs.