Woodheys Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More


Autumn 2016/17

The children have made a fantastic start to the year and we have already done so many exciting activities.


Class Contracts:  The children thought very hard about what they wanted from each other, and from their teachers, in order for our classrooms to be happy learning environments.

D and T:  the children's project this term was to design and make some Roman sandals.  We researched styles and functions of shoes, designed several ideas and then worked in teams to select materials and test different joining techniques to create some footwear.  Once completed, the children thought about the skills they had developed, evaluated their designs and thought about what they would do differently were they to do it again.

The children did an amazing job at the Methodist Church, raising money for 'Destination Florida'.  Their reading, singing and behaviour were all fantastic and it really got us in the festive spirit.

GEOGRAPHY:  This Half term, the children have been looking at how their local area has changed over time. They did the most amazing research for their homework; it meant that we could learn about the area from a variety of sources!

ENGLISH:  This half  term in English, we have used the text 'The Lost Happy Endings' to stimulate ideas for writing.  The author, Carol Ann Duffy, loves using similes so we created character descriptions of Jub and the witch and used nature to inspire us with our own similes.  We then decided that we wanted to create our own alternative endings for traditional tales that we knew.  We shared ideas, came up with a plan, orally rehearsed our stories and then drafted them.  We had been working really hard on speech punctuation in SPAG so this was on our success criteria to include in our work.  Once the first draft was completed, we re-read our work to edit and improve it.  We then published our final piece in our best handwriting. 

MANCHESTER UNITED COACHES:  The children have developed so many skills this half term thanks to the coaching from Eddie and Zachie.  The children not only learnt about football and healthy lifestyles, they also really developed their growth mindset attitudes and team work.  They were so inspired, they wrote letters of thanks and explained exactly how the coaching had helped them. 

Here are Year 4CM enjoying their Roman day.

HISTORY:  The children worked so hard on their homework to research the Romans.  There are even more powerpoint s at the bottom of the page!

SCIENCE: In Autumn 1, we have been learning about 'Animals and their Environments'.  The children have learnt about how to group and classify living things in different ways and know all about MRS GREN! Children also considered how different animals are well adapted to survive in their particular environment. We discussed how human behaviour can negatively affect environments and put living things at risk. The children were amazing at researching a chosen environmental issue and presented their findings to the class!  Their public speaking skills were outstanding.

Year 4 were lucky enough to have been involved in the dove realise to mark International Day of Peace.