Woodheys Primary School

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Autumn 2016/17


Animals and their habitats

The children have made a great start to their science topic.  We have already investigated the functions of a flower needed for reproduction. This involved dissecting flowers and identifying the stigma and stamen. We followed this up with searching for seeds around school. The children categorised the seeds into different dispersal methods (gravity, animals, wind and force).


SPAG and up scaling sentences

We are currently writing autobiographies in English. For this we have already written our first draft and we are in the process of editing and improving our writing.  We have had a lesson on using relative pronouns, this is used to add more detail to our writing. As well as this we have been using exaggeration as a method of improving our sentences and making them more engaging for the reader.

History and DT day

Today we had our Anglo Saxon day. The children looked fantastic and, in the morning, we created clay tiles decorated with runes from the Futhark. In the afternoon we started work on our Anglo Saxon houses by making walls using wattle (the skill of weaving wood in and out of stakes to create a rigid wall). The year five staff were thoroughly impressed with the attitude, teamwork and independence of the children.  

Anglo-Saxon Day

Today we had our Anglo-Saxon day, we were visited by Eric Ericsson who brought in a wide range of artefacts. The children really enjoyed the day and were able to have their questions answered by an expert.

3...2...1... Blast off!

Today in science we practised our skills of scientific enquiry. We were learning how to make conclusions from causal relationships that we see. The children developed some amazing conclusions, all of which they tried to explain with scientific vocabulary.