Woodheys Primary School

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Want to help us? Attend an event and spend some money or come and join us - either as a one off or a regular commitment.


We live to serve the school community, and although it isn’t our only focus, we agreed to a stretching target of contributing £15,000 towards replacing the school AstroTurf this year.

We know that not all Woodheys pupils are sports mad, and have tried to fund some additional projects to ensure our support is accessible to all. We have committed some funding towards the EYFS outdoor area, as well as supporting some maths and science challenges. In addition to this we secured an extra £4,867.53 of funding from the Coop at the end of last year (in this year’s budget) and we hope to hear back on our more recent application to cover replacement of the school’s trim trail.

We’ve also proved this year that matched funding through employers works – we’ve had our first £500 come in through one of our parents' employer who matched pound for pound the money he raised on the bar at this year’s Christmas fair. If we could develop this who knows how much more we could raise?

This has been a fantastic year for fundraising, we usually average around £12k – we’ve have raised over £18k for school initiatives in total - this is all down to the hard work of our parents and other volunteers.

Easy ways to raise money for our school

Not all fundraising is hard work. below are details of a couple of schemes that raise money virtually effortlessly. 

The Giving Machine - sign up to our scheme and we'll receive donations every time you shop online.

Bag 2 school - we collect your old clothes several times each year.

Buying a Micro scooter? Enter the code online and we will receive cash back.

Scholastics Book Fair - Money from every book sold contributes to our school's Scholastics account which in the past few years has provided us with hundreds of new, free books for our class and school libraries. 

Click on the link to see the amazing book reviews our children made for the books we redeemed last year.  REVIEWS