Woodheys Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More




Our school is implementing ‘The Commission for Racial Equality,’ code of practice and raising the awareness of our school community in a specific module of our School Improvement Plan. All teachers, governors and non-teaching staff have received training and been made aware of the recommendations of ‘The Macpherson Report’ (written after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry).

Recommendation 67: That consideration is given to amendment of the national curriculum aimed at valuing cultural diversity and preventing racism, in order to better reflect the needs of a diverse society.

Recommendation 68: That local education authorities and school governors have a duty to create and implement strategies in the school to prevent and address racism.

Such strategies to include:

That schools record all racist incidents.
That all recorded incidents are reported to the pupils’ parents/guardians, school governors and LEA.
The number of racist incidents are published annually on a school by school basis.
The number of excluded pupils are published annually on a school by school basis showing ethnicity.

At Woodheys we are a multicultural school (37.5%) and are proud of our work in preparing children to enter a multicultural society. We encourage tolerance towards other faiths and feel it is important to be aware and learn about them. We do not like any child to be made to feel different or be excluded from any aspect of learning. We promote inclusion at all levels.

Woodheys has achieved Trafford’s Silver accreditation for our anti-racism work, having previously been awarded a Bronze level.