Woodheys Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More


Do adults have to wear spy costumes? If adults wish to they can join in

  • Do children need to wear school uniform with spy accessories? Encourage the children to wear spy costumes - can be elaborate 007 style or simply wearing just black/dark clothes and a pair of sunglasses - fake moustache optional/
  • On Spy Day Friday - what happens if I have more than 1 child in school? Come into school on Friday at 8.45am with 1 child. Between 8.45and and 9.15am parents will be allowed to move freely between various classrooms to spend time with their other children. At 9am there will be a bell to signal that children have just 10mins left to solve their last maths problem to reveal the final digit to the secret coordinates. 9.15am parents will be asked to leave school.