Woodheys Primary School

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RE Contacts


Contacts for RE conferences please look at the Woodheys website www.woodheysprimaryschool.co.uk under RE hub or separate faiths.

Additional contacts:

farshid.taleb@googlemail.com  Bahaii

hindu dancing deepa.ganesh@dsl.pipex.com

Temple chorlton  sharmaparminder@hotmail.com

Mormon cedric.knipe@googlemail.com

Humanist who has a powerpoint robathome@ntlworld.com

Christian  Life Church suef@lifechurch.uk.net

Church Baptist sarahh@smcf.org.uk

Unitarian Knutsford denisegraham@talktalk.net

Sikh  Bobby Singh Trafford bobby.singh250@gmail.com

Muslim Ayesha Ansari Choudhury <peacefilms@icloud.com>,  also paints murals and works with Peace issues. Works with Islamic Education and Cultural Centre

Islamic resources Suhaib Chishti Chishtia Book Centre 49-Milkstone Road, Rochdale. Tel.No. 01706-650487Email: Schishti20@gmail.com
Buddhist temple Old Trafford Wai Lin  Irene Buddhist temple chan <wailinirene@hotmail.com>,

Judaism orthodox  Chair of Jewish forum barbaradgold@gmail.com

Judaism Educational Workshops

or Menorah synagogue Sharston Ann Angel aa@annangeleducation.org

Living Islam for Schools Flyer 2015 - 2016