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Foreign Language (Spanish)

What is out INTENT for Foreign Languages (Spanish) at Woodheys Primary School?

Our vision for Spanish:

  • To normalise the use of Spanish in Woodheys and through that, broaden the children’s horizons through foreign languages. It is an achievable expectation that a member of staff or child can greet another in Spanish without this exchange being seen as odd or alien.
  • Immerse staff in Spanish to the point that there is no embarrassment in school from children or staff to pronounce words, ask questions or use the language they have learnt.
  • To help staff to feel confident with Spanish so that they do not see foreign languages as the domain of specialist language teachers.
  • To raise the profile of Spanish in school so it isn’t seen as a subject that is done “if we have time”.
  • For the children to engage with other schools in Spanish speaking countries through a Pen Pal scheme.
  • To have an annual MFL week where children study the language as well as the culture, geography, art and food of a country.
  • (Long term ambitious goal) Take a group of children who have shown a gift for Spanish to a partner school in Spain to develop their language skills and immerse themselves in the culture.