For part of our Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022 we used one of our core values of 'Working Together' to help create this footage where nearly 500 children worked in collaboration to form this 'human art' which we captured from a drone. It was a great deal of fun and hopefully will be a memorable experience for all the children and staff that took part.

What makes us unique?

At Woodheys Primary School the Governing Body and I strive to maintain a school culture where we plan opportunities to allow every child to fulfil their academic potential, build their curiosity and become life-long learners. Throughout your child's journey through Woodheys Primary School and linked to our overarching ambition and strategic governor aim for our school. 'We will provide a broad range of exciting learning opportunities to enrich all pupils, helping them to develop their identity, self confidence, wellbeing and self belief (Governor aim 3)

Here are some bold pledges from us as a school that we will endeavour to deliver for each and every child who enters our doors on their inspirational journey through our primary school, where we believe the firm foundations are established for us as life-long learners and responsible global citizens. Progress towards these pledges will be recorded within your child's Tapestry journals.


  • HEALTH BODY & MIND - Pupil Wellbeing - Every child will have the opportunity to access mindfulness and relaxation activities each week including yoga, peer massage and focused breathing exercises.
  • EXPLORING - Culture - Every child will visit and experience a range of art galleries and/or museums on our doorstep in Manchester.         
  • PERFORMING - Music & Performing Arts - Every child will have the opportunity to learn and perform a musical instrument to a wider audience and will also prerform on stage as a Trafford Music ensemble at Sale Waterside Theatre.
  • PERFORMING - Sport - Every child will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of more than 16 different sports. They will also have the opportunity to represent their school within a competitive environment against other schools.
  • HEALTH BODY & MIND - Extensive School grounds & facilities - Every child will have the freedom to explore our extensive school grounds including wild area, large playground, KS1 & KS2 activity trail and 3G Astroturf.
  • ENVIRONMENT - Forest Schools - Every child from Nursery to Year 6 will be taught Forest Schools throughout the year by trained and very experienced Forest School practitioners. Our pupils will learn to challenge their own learning in a variety of contexts this may be: physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually or intellectually as well as developing the five Rs of being respectful, resilient, resourceful, responsible and a risk-taker
  • HEALTH BODY & MIND - Cooking & Nutrition lessons - Every child in KS2 will be taught progressive cooking skills and techniques and will learn about the importance of health and nutrition within a balanced diet.
  • PLANNING & LEADING - Smart School Council - Every child will have an active democratic voice to directly impact the continual development and vision for the school and its community.
  • CREATING & INNOVATING - IT Technology - Every child will have the opportunity to enhance and build up their digital repertoire of skills including VR Headset, Coding, Robotics and Animation in a safe and responsible way.
  • COACHING & CARING - Wide and Diverse Inclusive School Community - Every child will be able to learn about a wide range of different cultures, faiths and countries, with over 24 different languages spoken within our school community, we work hard to harness, coach and celebrate with all stakeholders in a fusion of cultural diversity and Inter Faith school community.