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Welcome to Year 5

We would like to tell you all about Year 5 and the exciting things we do. This year we will be using Parenthub to update you and keep everyone informed of the exciting things Year 5 have been doing. Parenthub will be launched after half term so for the time being we will be using twitter and the monthly newsletter to share our learning.

Year 5 - where effort will always bring reward

The upper key stage journey begins in Y5 where our school citizens are developed into motivated learners able to take charge of their learning environment

Throughout the learning, the core subjects of Mathematics, English and ICT link in to all the other areas.

Science, Humanities teach us about our world, while the Artsmark Gold principles underpin the creative subjects of Art, Music and Drama.

New languages, new perspectives and new physical achievments all add to the unique educational experiences in our multi sensory classroom.

We really hope this information will give you a whistle-stop tour of our fantastic work and we look forward to working together for the rest of the year.


Best wishes from all in Y5

Meet the Year 5 Team


At Woodheys we want to share as much as possible with parents and with this new app we hope to keep you up to date with your child’ learning.

  • Turn on notifications and you can see what is happening in the classroom as it is happening!

  • If you have more than one child - no problem!! You can subscribe to as may Woodheys channels as you want. 

  • You will receive regular posts each week on some of the exciting events and learning that take place at Woodheys. This will replace the year group pages on the website.


Video about Parenthub


 School Closure Tasks and Information


Please follow the link below to access the letter sent to parents on 19.3.2020.

Letter to parents 


We will be providing a range of suggested tasks for your child to complete. Some of these activities can be done independently; others will require a little additional support. If your child is finding some of the listed tasks challenging, please feel free to contact us at the UKS2 email address: Alternatively, please have a look at some of the other year group pages to see what activities they have on offer. 


Easter Holiday Activities

Monday 6th April

Hello everyone and hope you are managing to stay well. 

We are on the run up to Easter now so we were wondering if anyone has tried to make the Easter baskets? We will be painting 2D paper egg designs to put in our window today. My next door neighbour has two small children who like to do an egg hunt so spotting the designs in the street windows, on their daily walk, brings a little more fun to the day. We are still displaying the teddy bears from the bear hunt they did last week.  

We were delighted to see Adrienne's video of British Sign Language. It is great to see your home achievements. 

What books have you been reading? We would love you to recommend to others something which you have enjoyed yourself. You could fill in the book review, take a photo and we will put your suggestions on the website. 

Year 6 have some super creative ideas on their page so feel free to follow their links below. 

Creative Ideas

Ever fancied making glittery playdough? Of course you have! Follow this link to find out how:

For some painting ideas, incorporating household objects, you may wish to watch this video:

Virtual Museum Tours

Whilst at home this Easter, I am sure many of you have thought to yourselves, 'How I wish I could visit a world famous museum during these holidays!'

What about a Staycation?

You could even try camping. Making a tent at home, with a sheet or blankets hung over a chair or table, is always fun. You could put it in your bedroom or even living room. Maybe Mum or Dad could do a sleep over in the tent with you. You can bring in pillows and a duvet or sleeping bag to be cosy.  

You could even design a holiday guide to your home town. Where are the best local places you have visited? Which is your favourite park? Woodheys Park is always a great destination when things get back to normal. Do you have a favourite view or restaurant? Which sports clubs or leisure centres could you suggest?

Follow the link below to see how to make your mini guide book from one sheet of paper. We used this idea for our guides about the planets. 


How about making a scrap book of your activities over the next few weeks? In years to come, when the lockdown is over, you will be able to look back and remember how you spent your time. Try a small drawing a day and a few words to help you remember. You could make your scrapbook out of recycled paper by following the link below. Make a whole family book where everyone can contribute or one for yourself.

The recycled pots in the next link can be used to plant seeds in for the garden.

Wednesday 1st  April 


Hello everyone,

Hope you are all still well and trying out some activities on line or at home. I have been gardening with one of my boys who helped dig a base for the compost heap.

We were delighted to hear from Harry who has been busy cooking and creating at home. His speciality macaroni carbonara looks delicious and I am sure the birds will enjoy the excellent feeding stations he has made.      

Just in!

Congratulations Year 5! We are TTRS Champions against Year 6 this week. Special mention to Sammy who achieved a massive score. 



Well, here we are at the official start of the Easter Holidays. We would still like to keep posting information about activities to keep us all occupied at this difficult time and we love hearing about your interests at home.

Don't forget to keep us updated by asking a parent or carer to email through the address above. Has anyone sewn their first button on yet? Now is an ideal time to learn these life skills. Do we have anymore budding bakers like Alexa and Katie or illustrators like Corey?


The following is a link to a simple craft idea to make Easter baskets.   Don't worry if you don't have a range of coloured papers. Instead, use any scrap paper and colour it with pencils/ paints/ pens to cover the leftover cardboard tube. 

You don't have to put in a chocolate egg. Ask an adult to blow an egg or two and then carefully decorate the shells. Good Housekeeping magazine has some ideas for decorating eggs. Some are rather adventurous but could be used just for design ideas in a scaled back way.


You can use the contents of the eggs to make your first omelette

For vegan recipes, you could try looking at . They do seem to need a few more ingredients but looked delicious when made on Saturday morning tv, Living On The Veg, a couple of weeks ago. 


If you have a garden or small space outside, now is the time to help tidy it up and maybe plant a few seeds. I wonder how Mrs Whelan's sunflower seeds are doing in all your homes. An empty yoghurt pot or soup tub with a bit of soil in, will make a great starter container. Mr Brett will be delighted to see any gardening pictures too. Last week, he and his helpers cleared the raised beds and planted some seeds.

This morning, Carol Klein from Gardener's World also suggested growing leafy greens inside. Use recycled plastic tubs if you don't have an outside space. Cress can be even be grown on moist paper towel. It's great fun to watch the plants come up and even better to harvest them later and eat as part of a salad. 


 Maths Puzzling

Here are a couple of Sudoku puzzles to keep us all busy. I know a few of our mathematicians who are always keen to tackle a new one of these - Charlie, Vihaan and Alexa!


Have a good weekend everyone and keep safe.

Mrs Keeley and Mrs Brett


Week Beginning 23rd March

Welcome to Week One of home learning.


Friday 27th March

PE – Start of the morning with a bang with the bodycoach work out. This can be accessed via the following link: 


Maths - How are your times tables going? Don't forget our Times Tables Rock Stars battle against Year 6 is ending on Friday.

Gareth Metcalfe has his next online lesson in the morning and we will be watching again in the morning (available to watch later at your convenience) by following the link:  


Creative – Can you learn a new skill? How about learning to sew a button? Can you learn some sign language? I'm sure you could choose some skills that interest you. We'd love to see what amazing skills you learn - why not share them with us at


Reading – This reading task on the Ancient Greeks (which has answers included) is a great way to get a taste of our next history topic.


Science – Chester Zoo is doing a virtual tour of the zoo from 10AM. There’s a chance to see Red Pandas, Giraffes, Elephants, Tigers and many more. Maybe you could then research a little more about your favourite animal? It would be a great opportunity to recap our previous learning on animal lifecycles.   


Thursday 26th March

Just in, fantastic recipe from Alexa! Available as a ppt or Word doc for printing. It's great to hear of your activities at home. We were delighted to hear of Corey's success with his Pokemon poem and handwriting too. Fantastic efforts.


PE – Start of the morning with a bang with the bodycoach work out. This can be accessed via the following link: 


Maths - How are your times tables going? Don't forget our Times Tables Rock Stars battle against Year 6 is ending on Friday – we’re currently winning (let’s keep it that way!) 

Gareth Metcalfe has his next online lesson in the morning and we will be watching again in the morning (available to watch later at your convenience) by following the link:  


English – Using Tuesday's picture,  read the task and try to use adverbial openers to help you describe. Use this powerpoint if you need to jog your memory of adverbial openers. 


Reading - I am delighted to announce that Amazon are allowing free downloads of children’s books on audible. Beware though as it’s free for 30 days then £7.99 a month afterwards so make sure you cancel the subscription if you don’t want to pay that.  I have already been listening to Maz Evans reading Who Let The Gods Out? Maybe you could give it a go? I wonder if Mr Brett’s character voices are accurate? If you can’t do this can you read your own book? Could you draw a character or settings from the descriptions? Or maybe you could make your own quiz about the book?

Wellbeing – Thursdays are usually Yoga days for Year 5. Why not try one of the videos from cosmic kids and try and find some inner peace.


Wednesday 25th March

We were delighted to see the pictures of cookies and cartoons from Katie today. It's great to see people enjoying the great range of activities available while we are at home. Next stop the Great British Bake Off?





Maths - How are your times tables going? Can you recite them out loud forwards and backwards? Don't forget our Times Tables Rock Stars battle against Year 6 is ending on Friday 

Gareth Metcalf has his next online lesson in the morning and we will be watching again in the morning( available to watch later at your convenience) by following the link:  

English - Why not try investigating some poetry today and improving your handwriting? Have a look online and choose a poem to illustrate. Some of our favourites are Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes and Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. You can draw pictures around the verses you have written out, to illustrate the author's ideas.

Reading - David Walliams is reading some of his work everyday that we are in lockdown. It would be great to listen to him while drawing a picture of his characters. Follow the link to listen in.



Creative - Oti Mabuse, from 'Strictly' is streaming a dance lesson at 11.30am. It is on Facebook so this must be done with an adult.  Adults and children will have fun joining in.

Rob Bidulph (an illustrator) can be found sharing his drawing ideas by following the link  The drawings are a simple start to developing your own imagination.




Tuesday 24th March

Maths - Try another 10 minute blast of Times Tables Rock Stars (remember our battle against Year 6). We enjoyed the Live Maths lesson from Gareth Metcalf and will be watching again in the morning( available to watch later at your convenience) by following the link:  

English - Using yesterday's picture,  read the task and try out the short burst write to help with a future writing task.

Reading - It's time to take some time out. Find a comfortable spot and read a book for 20 mins – more if you like. Maybe your grown up would like to share the story with you or even read a book of their own?

 Creative - Why not try baking at home? There are some very simple cookie recipes on line. The following recipe can be adapted in many ways from the website and only needs an initial four ingredients.

Rob Bidulph (an illustrator) can be found sharing his drawing ideas by following the link  The drawings are a simple start to developing your own imagination.


Monday 23rd March

Maths - A 10 minute blast of Times Tables Rock Stars (we have set up a battle against Year 6). There is a Live Maths lesson (to be streamed from 9am but available to watch later at your convenience) by following the link:  

English - Have a look at this picture. Read the task and develop your vocabulary for a future writing task. 

Reading - This reading task is about magic and mystery. Can you answer the questions? 

Physical activity - On a daily basis, Joe Wicks will be releasing a series of workouts aimed at children that are home-learning. These activities can be accessed via the following link: 

Geography - Improve your sticky knowledge. How quickly can you name the countries of South America? Can you name all the countries in Europe? How about the world? Challenge someone at home.

Brilliant Book List

Please see the attached list of 'Brilliant Books' recommended for Year Five by clicking on the link. Reading is a great way to escape to a different world and occupy your time. We suggest that the children read little and often, each day, in order to further enrich their well-being. 

Music - Utter Madness

If you want a bit of home exercise, dance, singing and fun, read on.

In preparation for our choir music assembly, we were rehearsing the Madness Medley from Young Voices.  It’s a compilation of a few Madness songs, complete with words and bespoke dance moves from Young Voices’ dancing expert, Andy Instone.

When we get back to school, we’d like all the juniors (and teachers) to join in with the performance to celebrate us all getting back to normal. There are five video links (four to teach the moves and the full run).  The links below should get you there, but if they don’t, just go to and search the number references. (I go driving in my car)  (Our house)  (It must be love)  (Baggy trousers)  (Full run)


As the choir already know, my dancing is already the best(!) Your challenge is to get at least one adult at home to join in the singing and dancing (video evidence accepted).

Above all, have some fun with it. There’s nothing like music to make you feel great.

Take care and best wishes,

Mr Byrne


Reading records and books - Everyday (reading books will be checked on Wednesday)

PE Kits -  Fridays

Homework - Wednesdays

Spellings and Timetables - Fridays


News and Homework


The children have been reviewing the lists of both Year 3 and 4 spelling and Year 5 spellings. The children have identified any gaps they may have and have composed their own spelling lists that is perfectly suited to their needs!  


Spellings Week Beginning 9/3/20 - silent letters


castle, nestle, thistle, jostle, rustle, fasten, listen, christen, glisten, moisten, condemn, hymn, solemn, column, autumn





Grammar Hammer 

Reading - logging reading in their reading records. 

Learning Resources

Here are a few suggested learning resources that the children can access at home.


An online version of the numbers game from countdown. There is no timer so the children can practise using their number knowledge in a fun way.

A great resource which can help to improve the speed of calculations and knowledge of their times tables.  

This is a great resource for recapping your mathematical knowledge. Mr Brett's favourite page is the puzzle page.




If you are ever stuck for what to read, or want to get into a new author, then this is a great website which allows you to read extracts from a range of authors.



 Education city is a fantastic resource where the children can access a range of challenges and lessons from across the whole curriculum.

A List of 100 Recommended Reading Books for Year Five and Six Children

This is a list of suggested Year Five and Six texts. Please note: some of these texts are meant for the more mature reader. We would advise you to read an online synopsis of each book before purchasing or borrowing to ensure that you are happy for your child to child to read it. If your child would like to discuss any of the themes within these books, they are very welcome to speak to a member of the Upper Key Stage Two team. 

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5