What is the INTENT for Maths at Woodheys Primary School?

Maths is a highly valued subject at Woodheys Primary School. Teachers plan maths in a systematic and structured manner, ensuring a well-balanced coverage of National Curriculum objectives. Each area of maths is taught with the aim that all children grasp concepts at a mastery level, with these concepts being taught using a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach. A wide range of visual representations are incorporated into lessons, as well as practical resources and manipulatives. The use of stem sentences and mathematical vocabulary is used to secure children’s knowledge and deepen understanding, along with reasoning and problem solving tasks, which are accessed by all pupils. Assessment is a vital part of our teaching. These include try-it tasks at the start of new learning, strategic questioning throughout lessons and end of block assessments, all of which feed into teachers’ planning and teaching. Regular fluency tasks are set to ensure that taught skills, such as times tables and arithmetic, are well embedded.