What is our INTENT for Computing at Woodheys Primary School?
At Woodheys we aspire for our pupils to be masters of technology.  Technology is everywhere and will play a pivotal part in students’ lives.  We model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely.  
Our broad curriculum encompasses computer science, information technology and digital literacy.  Pupils will become creators and not consumers, and learn there is always a choice with using digital technology.  As a school we utilise technology (especially social media) to model positive use, recognising the best prevention for multiple issues is through education.  
Building knowledge will allow pupils to effectively demonstrate their learning and to apply creativity: fluidity in using a range of tools to best express their understanding.
By UKS2, pupils will have the independence and confidence to choose the best tool to fulfil a given task or challenge.

Computing Curriculum Coverage