Science Curriculum

Our Vision for Science:


  • To develop children’s curiosity, enabling them to make sense of the world through a knowledge-rich curriculum intertwined with opportunities for children to develop and apply their working scientifically skills

  • To help our children acquire a growing understanding of scientific ideas, to question and extend their knowledge of the world around them

  • To raise science capital, through our partnerships with the parent community, STEM ambassadors, local schools/universities and enrichment workshops

  • To foster concern about, and active care for, our environment

  • To provide children with the necessary tools to identify false information. Science is not just about learning established facts but also about fostering critical thought


Shaping Our Science Curriculum:


At Woodheys we teach a creative curriculum that makes meaningful links, when possible we ensure that science is taught through our topics to help children make connections in their learning. When these links are not obvious science is taught discreetly to guarantee coverage of the objectives. Our science curriculum has been shaped to ensure knowledge and skills are intertwined and is taken from the National Curriculum. Teachers ensure that children are not only familiar with, but have opportunities to develop and apply their working scientifically skills. These include:


  • Pattern Seeking

  • Observation over time

  • Grouping and classifying

  • Using equipment and fair testing

  • Researching and presenting


There is a carefully mapped progression of skills, knowledge and scientific vocabulary to ensure children build upon these year on year. When children leave Woodheys our curriculum prepares them for a life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.