What is our INTENT for Geography at Woodheys?

  • Every classroom will have a globe and world map (maps should be used as working documents to label places throughout the year linked to topic/ interests.)
  • Every class will complete one fieldwork trip/ project outside of the school grounds each year (This could be incorporated into RHS trips?)
  • Every child will take part in a Geography Day once a year to learn key skills and objectives (The whole school focus will be different each year.)
  • There will be a whole school focus on ‘sticky knowledge’ and referring back to previously taught skills and objectives (Can you still…? And Vocabulary boards should be displayed in each classroom to ensure this.)
  • There will be a whole school focus on geographical skills (such as compass directions, map skills, scale, grid referencing, latitude & longitude etc.)
  • There will be a cross-curricular approach to teaching Geography throughout the school and key skills, objectives and vocabulary should be regularly referred to during other subjects.
  • Children in Early Years will be taught key geographical terms and skills which should be assessed in the Summer term using the whole school geography assessment grid


In the last twelve months we have: 

  • Ensured that all of the National Curriculum objectives are met within each subject across the Key Stages. 
  • Participated in a whole-school 'Geography' week - each class focused on a country (this was linked with MFL) and we showcased our learning in an assembly on the Friday.
  • Conducted a 'Staff Voice' questionnaire.
  • Delivered training in a staff meeting that addressed the identified any gaps in knowledge and skills. 
  • Sent a member of staff from each phase on subject-based training which they fed back to their team. This was to ensure that all of the learning is relevant, links back to prior knowledge and is most of all enjoyable and engaging! 
  • Introduced fun starters that were based on prior learning.
  • Discussed the subject with a selection of pupils and were thrilled to hear that they really enjoy learning about Geography. 
  • Conducted informal observations and book looks and have identified opportunities for lessons that relate to progression of the skills. 
  • Provided training and resources on fieldwork and ensured that each phase participated in fieldwork. (outside of the school grounds).
  • Reflected on the impact of the last few years due to the pandemic and have allowed for more time to spend filling in gaps. Introduced the idea of 'Virtual fieldwork' when opportunities were impacted. 
  • Purchased books, maps and globes for each classroom and heave suggested ideas for when they can link to other subjects.

Geography at Woodheys 


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