School Menu and Costs



The cost for school meals is £12.05 per week, (£2.41 per day), which MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE PLEASE.  SCHOOL MEALS MUST NOT BE IN DEBT.  Thank you.

 All money to be paid via ParentPay, (login details which you will receive once your child is registered in school). 

 Many thanks in advance for your cooperation with this.

Please make payments IN ADVANCE.  If your child is absent for any reason in a particular week/term, you will be entitled to one credit for each day's absence. This will be credited to your account if you are using Parentpay and you will be able to view it like you would your bank statements.

As our system is flexible, you may decide to take the child off school dinners at any time in the session, by giving one week's notice in writing to the office.

The government provide KS1 with free meals,  although if you are in receipt of Income Support, you may be entitled to claim for free meals throughout your child's school life.

We hope this information will be of help. If you have any problems or queries about school dinners, please do not hesitate to ask at the office.

 Mr J Beisly