What is our INTENT for PE at Woodheys Primary School?

In EYFS the overall goal in PE is for children to learn the structure of a typical PE lesson, learn the fundamental prerequisites of PE (listen, observe, try your best and HAVE FUN), and develop the necessary skills (movement, spatial awareness, body control) for creating the very foundations for future growth. In Ks1 the children learn the underlying mechanisms that make up the 12 PE topics the children undertake with myself from Y3 – Y6. These include; invasion games, striking & fielding games, net & wall games, target games, gymnastics and dance. Ultimately, such topics lead to a greater comprehension of team-based tactics, attacking vs defending, player roles and responsibilities, improved hand-eye coordination, team work, communication, leadership and physical literacy. By the time the children reach Ks2 they will have the skills required to fulfil the needs of a diverse and challenging curriculum which involves the likes of; football, netball, lacrosse, hockey, badminton, volleyball and quidditch. The large plethora of sports on offer is designed to allow EVERY child the opportunity to flourish and find a sport that they enjoy and can pursue in the wider community. The goal is NOT to create the next super athlete, the goal is for every child to feel valued, loved and respected so they can feel empowered to develop key psychological life skills such as confidence, resilience, self-awareness and self-control. This in turn creates a safe and loving learning environment, where fear of failure is removed, and mistakes are encouraged, an environment which is conducive for personal, physical and mental growth. The subsequent consequence of this is a healthy relationship with sport and exercise and the confidence to maintain this into adulthood. Ultimately, these transferable skills can be used in the classroom, at home or anywhere else outside of a child’s comfort zone. Sport should be used as a tool for bringing people together regardless of gender identity, religious beliefs, physical limitations, SEN or socio-economic backgrounds. Sport is for ALL and it is the belief of Woodheys’ that positive experiences of PE can have profound lifelong impacts on the lives of children and we will do our upmost to ensure this objective is fulfilled.