Child Concerns or Query

What to do if you have a query?

From time to time parents might have a query about a new arrangement, trip or upcoming event to do with their child which needs to be answered.  In the first instance, please contact the school office who will often be able to assist. There are times when the office staff might not be able to provide a specific answer to a query, this would then be passed onto their class teacher who would be able to answer the query. Alternatively, please send a message via Tapestry directly to your child's class teacher.

Please contact the school office 0161 973 4478 or


What to do if you have a concern?

From time to time parents might have a concern relating to their child (or other children) which needs to be addressed.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if this is the case. Please do not use Tapestry messages to raise this concern. Please email the office and they will forward your email onto the teacher. Below is a reminder about the stages of contact and where to escalate if matters continue.

Levels of contact:-

  1. The class teacher - Where possible, please speak to the class teacher directly or email the office if this is not possible.
  2. The Phase Leader (via email below)
  • EYFS (Reception and Nursery) Mrs Kimitris-
  • Key Stage 1 Miss Turner -
  • Lower Key Stage 2 Miss Gellard -
  • Upper Key Stage 2 Miss Brereton -
  1. Headteacher Mr Jon Beisly –
  2. Chair of Governors Mrs Jacky  Galloway -
  3. Trafford Services Advisor Mrs K. Samples -

Academic Progress

If your concern is about the progress your child is making in the first instance please contact your child’s teacher who will either reassure you or devise a plan of action to meet the concerns.  This may be drawn up after consultation with our Special Needs coordinator Mrs Holden. 

If the concern persists the next ‘port of call’ is the Phase Leader for the department (see below) or if necessary the SEND coordinator Mrs Holden -


SEND support Concerns

If your concern is regarding the SEND school support that your child receives in the first instance please contact our Special Needs coordinator Mrs Holden or our SEND link Governor Jacky Galloway


Bullying or Social Concerns

If you believe your child is being bullied or is lacking friends or lacking confidence in the classroom please initially talk to your child’s teacher.  The school has excellent procedures in place to combat bullying and to encourage friendships which are vital to a happy school life.  It will be taken seriously.


Safety Concerns

If you suspect that a child may be suffering abuse or potentially at risk from any source inside or outside the family or the school please raise your suspicions with Mr. Beisly who will investigate the situation in the utmost confidence.  We would rather explore a problem which proves groundless than to miss an opportunity to support a child in need.  You can be reassured that only relevant authorities or persons involved will be aware of the concerns.

Please contact Mr Beisly 0161 973 4478 or

If the nature of the concern is relating the immediate safety of the child then please call 999 directly.

As a last resort if matters seem not to be being resolved you can contact a school governor (preferably the chair of governors, Jacky Galloway), who will consult with Mr. Beisly to ensure that action is taken.  This will again be done in strict confidence and only the governor, Mr. Beisly or relevant authorities will be informed.


Other Useful Contacts:-

Trafford Safeguarding Children Board: tel: 912 4286
Domestic Abuse Family Safety Unit: tel 912 5805
National Domestic Violence Helpline: tel 0808 2000 247
Childline: tel 0800 111
NSPCC tel 0808 8005000


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