Smart School Council (SSC)


Hello everyone!

As a school we are all in the Smart School Council, which means we get a say in what events, activities and rewards are put into place. Ideas from children, actioned by children!

Here is our Communication Team and Reserves for 22/23! We are in charge of ensuring every child's thoughts and opinions are heard. Come and see us as our 'Hub' by the Junior cloak room each lunchtime to give your opinions and ideas and we will feed them back to our team.


We have been collecting ideas and feeding back what pupils want in school all year and here are a few things we have actioned so far:-

Our new Trim Trail (being built in the Easter Holidays)

Changing our house reward incentives for collecting team points.

Organising a team of litter pickers across the school.

Raising awareness and organising activities/pledges for Earth Day 2023.